Tubular Membrane Filter

Tubular Membrane Filter

2013-06-04 22:13:38

TUFM Tubular Membrane Solutions that stand up to the toughest wastewater challenges. TUFM membrane also treat that emulsified oils,grease&fats BOD&COD,biological organics,dissolved solids,suspended solids,heavy metals,latex,suspended bacteria&viruses,pigments&paints,inks and dyes radioactive particulates,orgaic chemicals and other custom engineering systems.

TUFM Tubular Membrane is ideal for industrial-duty ultrafiltration membranes tackling high-solid wastewater treatment and in-process membrane separation applications such as metal fabrication and finishing,food processing,pulp and paper,chemical processing and oily wastewaters.

· High concentration of wastewater:.
. Oily Wastewater Treatment & Reuse
. Oily&Gas Industry Wastewater Treatment
. Food&Beverage Wastewater Treatment&Reuse
. Chemical Process Industry Wastewater Treatment
. Metalworking Wastewater Treatment
. Transportation Industry Wastewater treatment
. Cathodic Electrocoat Paint Treatment
. Leachate Treatment
. Pulp & Paper Wastewater Treatment
. Semiconductor Wastewater Treatment
. Produced Wastewater Treatment

· Separation Processing:
. Sugar & Starch industry
. Protein Processing
. Juice & Wine Plants
.  Industrial Biotechnology Solutions
. Juice Clarification systems